6 Ways to Feel Better and Have More Energy

6 Ways to Feel Better and Have More Energy

How you feel about the day ahead of you is one of the things that most impacts how the rest of your day will turn out.

If you wake up, feeling like you don’t have enough energy for the day ahead of you, then it’s probably not going to be a good day. And you’ll end it exhausted and in a terrible mood.

There are a few things we have been trying out here at Vitality Health Foods, to boost our energy, mood, and productivity.

Exercise / Something as small as a brisk walk can help you release enough stress hormones to make you feel more energized. However, a good workout session will exponentially increase the odds of you having a great night sleep. Sometimes, that’s all we need.

Drink Water / Water is your most powerful ally. Not energy drinks. When we’re short on fluids, the first symptom is fatigue.

Limit Alcohol / Even though alcohol makes you feel drowsy, and helps you get to sleep. It will interfere with the quality of your sleep, resulting in night awakenings. You won’t wake up well rested.

Eat for Energy / Several small meals a day, will help you manage your energy levels better than 3 big ones. It can reduce your perception of fatigue because your brain needs a steady supply of nutrients.

Avoid Smoking / Need we say more?

Health Products / These can also be a great help. These aren’t something we should take every day or the holy solution to all of our problems. However, they’ll be a great sidekick on this fight of ours. These will help us stay focused, calm and feeling a little more ready for those tough days.



This is our favorite. But that’s a personal choice. Rhoziva will help you with mental and physical energy, but it will also help you stay calm in stressful situations.


All in One Nutritional Shake

This is an organic shake and meal replacement that not only satisfies your hunger but also is naturally filling while boosting energy.


Siberian Tiger Ginseng

Helps relieve general debility, fatigue, and grogginess. Improves physical and mental performance.


These are just a couple of things to get us started.

If you are curious about any of these products and, would like to find more about them, come by one of our stores. We will help you pick the one that’s best for your individual problem.


Hope you feel better,

Vitality Health Foods

Note: curious about how we know all of this? The health products are all us, but the remaining tips came from here.