Alpha Gourmet Keto Oil Blend

Alpha Gourmet Keto Oil Blend


250 ml


500 ml




Product Description

Alpha Gourmet Keto Oil Blend simplifies intake of good fats by combining them in one easy-to-use product. Medium chain triglycerides from 100% coconut oil, lauric acid from DME coconut oil, and unrefined omega-3s from Canadian camelina oil all deliver healthy fats in each serving. This oil provides the perfect base for keto-friendly salad dressings, dips, and spreads.

Alpha Gourmet Keto Oil Blend Benefits

  • Blend of MCT oil, DME coconut oil, and camelina omega-3 oil
  • Vegan omega-3s, medium chain fats, and auric acid
  • Keto - and paleo-diet friendly
  • Support for age-related cognitive decline
  • Highest quality oils in one product
  • Packaged aluminum-free and BPA-free tin