Nature’s Supplement

Nature’s Supplement

The seeds of the Cannabis plant are a wonder of nature. 

MARI-CO combined with coconut oil provides an extra spectacular health benefit. Cannabis oil is, bar none, the most nutritional oil found on the planet. Mammals require eight amino acids, all balanced to the proper proportion for optimal health and life. MARI-CO has all eight amino acids to the exact ratio which our bodies require.

Coconut oil is high in LAURIC acid. LAURIC acid has been called a “miracle” ingredient, due to its health-promoting capabilities, which is evidenced by its presence in mothers’ milk. Mother’s milk along with water and Cannabis oil are the three substances that, each alone, can sustain life! Coconut oil also contains Ketones, that may aid with the brain function in Alzheimer’s patients. 

MARI-CO: Nature’s Super Food

  • All vegan product with no fish by-products
  • Assists with memory recall and brain function
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Boosts the immune systems
  • Assists with Galibladder & Pancreatitis
  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces ulcers & Colitis
  • Improves energy & Endurance
  • Assists with combating Diabetes
  • Assists with muscle mass
  • Assists with decreasing body fat
  • Seizure control

MARI-CO Cannabis Sativa Seed + Coconut oil will fortify and enhance your immune systems, addressing a whole host of health challenges.

The primary components found in our unique MARI-CO cannabis Sativa Hemp/Coconut Oil soft gels consist of the complete omega profile-omega 3,6 & 9, an abundance of minerals, plant sterols, vitamin B, D & E with naturally reoccurring enzymes. Additionally Linoleic, linolenic and Lauric acid. Lauric acid, when ingested, is a fatty acid, which creates a monoglyceride that acts as an antimicrobial. 

  • MARI-CO also contains five times the Gamma Linolenic acids (GLA’s) found in evening primrose. 
  • MARI-CO is also a probiotic. 
  • MARI-CO formulated with our proprietary Cannabis Hemp Seed and Coconut oil packs a superior health punch. 

Stephen Health Agency Inc’s strategic focus is to simplify ones’ health supplement requirements, at a minimal cost.  


Will I get high?

No. While containing small amounts of THC, MARI-CO has no psychoactive properties whatsoever.

Are the products legal?

Absolutely! the THC content of MARI-CO is well within Federal and Health Canada guidelines (under 10 ppm) making them legal for sale in Canada. MARI-CO averages between 1.5 and 3 ppm THC.

What are the chances of failing a drug screening test?

Several studies have shown that the chances of being tested and obtaining a false-positive drug test is unlikely, based on trace levels of THC present in MARI-CO. That being said, it could still appear in a drug test. 

Are there any contra indicators?

No, it will not interfere with any other medication. However, if one is taking a blood thinner they should be monitored by their Health care provider, for MARI_CO may act as a vasodilator. However it is best to speak with a health care practitioner before taking any products, if you are concerned about its interaction. 

Will I become addicted?

No. Stephen Health Agency Inc’s MARI-CO has no addictive properties at all.

Med Marijuana: Mari-Mend

Mari-Mend is a natural topical cream, consisting of a proprietary cannabis hemp seed oil, aloe vera, coconut oil, peppermint, ginger root essential oil, and beeswax. 

When used topically, the proprietary cannabis hemp seed oil found in Mari-Mend is ideal for softening skin, reducing fine lines, and softening scar tissue. The proprietary cannabis hemp seed oil has reportedly assisted with receding the symptoms of dry, itchy skin when used on a regular basis.


  • Has a natural and inviting smell
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Has a cooling effect on the skin
  • Is ideal for treating dry and flaky skin
  • Is residue-free
  • Is absorbent and long-lasting
  • May help soothe inflamed skin and reduce redness
  • Is good for “dishpan hands” and foot care treatment

Mari-Mend contains:

  • Aloe vera, a cactus plant that belongs to the Liliaceae family. Studies have found that aloe vera helps skin conditions, from flaky to dry skin.
  • Coconut oil, which is loaded with naturally reoccurring good fats. Coconut oil is ideal for relieving fatigued muscles. Coconut oil also moisturizes and softens the skin. Coconut oil may help smooth skin, reduce redness, and rehydrate. 
  • Ginger root, an essential oil that, when used topically, can help relieve skin tissue. Ginger root contains toning and antioxidant properties that may improve the skin’s appearance. 
  • Peppermint oil, which offers a cooling sensation, and has a calming effect on the body. 

This combination of essential oils, accompanied by its cannabis hemp seed oil, makes Stephen Health Agency Inc’s Mari-Mend a necessary addition to our fine family of Med Marijuana products. 

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