How to Get Enough Vitamin D This Winter

How to Get Enough Vitamin D This Winter

Winter made an early appearance in Alberta this year. The sun is around less and less, so it’s important to make sure you’re still getting enough of the sunshine vitamin!

Vitamin D isn’t found naturally in many foods. It is found in salmon, cod oil, eggs, and mushrooms for example. But the list is short! That is why Canada fortifies all cows milk and some plant-based milk with Vitamin D. Check to make sure yours is.

Health Canada recommends everyone over the age of 50 take a vitamin D supplement daily. They advise a dose of 400IU, but you may need more if you’re at higher risk of osteoporosis.

These guidelines assume you are getting Vitamin D through milk. If you don’t drink fortified milk, (whether from cows, almonds or soy) you should be taking a supplement no matter what age you are. A dose of 1000IU is how most supplements are sold, like this D3 soft gel by Prairie Naturals. It covers your bases even if you don’t get any Vitamin D from food!


Vitamin D3 is the same form our body makes using sunlight. It is the easiest for our body to absorb and utilize because it is derived from animal sources which also produce D3.

In the past vegans had to resort to D2 supplements, the plant-based form that is not absorbed as well. No longer! Vegan D3 is now available, as this vitamin D spray by Garden of Life. It is sourced from algae but it tastes like vanilla!


Another group that should always be given Vitamin D supplements is exclusively or partially breastfed infants. Health Canada recommends Vitamin D 400IU for infants until they begin to eat or drink other vitamin D sources like cow’s milk or fortified infant formula. These flavourless drops by Naturals Factors are an easy way to make sure your baby’s needs are met.


Their chewable Vitamin D is great for children fussy about milk that may not be getting enough. They taste like candy but they’re sugar-free!

As you can see Vitamin D comes in many forms and doses.

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