Immune Boosting Tricks to Get You Through Cold & Flu Season

Immune Boosting Tricks to Get You Through Cold & Flu Season

We are at the height of that dreaded flu season, where everyone seems to be feeling sick, already sick, or just getting back from being sick. We have some great products here that can help to boost the immune system and help you and your family to fight back this flu season.

First up is one of our in-house favorites, the Feel Good Syrup! It works just as the name implies.

Feel Good Syrup

Made right here in the greater Edmonton area (St. Albert, to be specific), Feel Good Syrup is one of our favorite products! The concentrated goodness of the powerful elderberry fruit packs an immune-boosting punch that’s perfect for the entire family.  It also has clove, lemon, ginger, and raw honey. For some more great information on what are elderberries, WebMD has a nice breakdown of the various uses for elderberries. Needless to say, even before anyone starts to feel sick, this is the first product we reach for.




Supreme Immune Booster by Bell

This is another of our favorites. In fact, we love the entire line of Bell lifestyle products. They stand behind every single one of their products with full money back guarantee. This product, in particular, is Coriolus extract and turkey tail mushrooms. This incredible fungi helps to maintain a healthy immune system, increases energy, and strengthen your natural defences.







 Finally, we have the Echinaforce from A. Vogel. This product has 860mg of fresh echinacea which is another excellent immune booster. Unlike many products, this product can be used by pregnant and lactating women. A.Vogel was founded in 1923 in Switzerland, and has a loyal following throughout Europe. They use all natural, non-gmo products, without any use of pesticides. Available in capsules, throat spray or as a tincture.





We hope that you manage to get through this season without catching anything, but if you do, we hope that these ideas can help you to get through the season without it being as painful. Stop into our store at Westmount mall to learn more about these and other great products, or give us a call at (780)453-1313.