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PureFood Iron

PureFood Iron

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  • Pranin PureFood? Iron is a powdered whole food product made from whole curry leaves, amla berries and moringa leaves harvested at the peak of freshness

Pranin Organic PureFood? Iron is a powdered whole food iron supplement made from 100% organic, raw whole curry leaves, amla berries and moringa leaves harvested at the peak of freshness. With 18.4 mg per serving, curry and moringa leaves provide an excellent source of bioavailable iron. PureFood Iron is free from binders, fillers, capsules, and synthetic ingredients.

  • Research has shown that the health benefits associated with fruits and vegetables are derived from the synergistic mixture of naturally occurring cofactors and phytochemicals present in the whole food form. Research has also shown these benefits cannot be achieved with isolated phytochemicals alone. Pranin PureFood? Iron is formulated with organic, vegan whole food ingredients to ensure that the nutrients are of the highest quality and in their bioavailable form. Pranin PureFood? Iron includes traces of other vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides, and fatty acids that increase iron absorption and are a factor in red blood cell formation. Curry leaves, amla berries, and moringa leaves have been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat anaemia, improve digestion, calm the stomach and prevent constipation. PureFood? Iron has fewer if any side effects and will do less oxidative damage than synthetic iron gluconate.
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Curry leaf powder, Amla powder, and Moringa leaf powder.

Recommended Use

Daily dietary supplement added to juice, water or your favourite smoothie. Refrigerate after opening.

Recommended Dosage

Blend 1 scoop into water, juice, or smoothie 1-2 times per.