Stress Less with these 3 Natural Remedies

Stress Less with these 3 Natural Remedies

Are you feeling stressed, and have no idea what to do about it? Stress is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure & for most of us, stress is a part of everyday life. While a bit of stress is normal and can help us achieve great things, too much or chronic stress weakens the body and the brain.

Did you know that stress produces a hormone called cortisol, and unlike other stress hormones, stays in the bloodstream throughout the day when we experience stress? Excess cortisol leads to a host of physical health problems including weight gain, osteoporosis, digestive problems, hormone imbalances, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. For more details and information on how stress damages the body, visit

Using our 3 favorite supplements to help manage stress, you can proactively take a step in helping deal with it so you can always feel like your happiest self!

The first up is Stress-Relax Mental Calmness
. This formula provides natural anxiety and stress control without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. For anyone feeling stressed, frazzled or over-committed in this 24/7 world, this safe supplement restores mental calmness and promotes relaxation.

Another favorite of ours is GABA. As a natural chemical the body produces, GABA’s primary role is to diminish the activity of neurons in the brain and central nervous system. When GABA attaches to a protein in your brain known as a GABA receptor, it produces a calming effect. This puts the body in a greater state of relaxation and alleviates stress, anxiety & fear. GABA is found in very few food sources and is another reason why it has become a popular supplement choice.

And our last favorite, but definitely not least, is Rhoziva. Rhoziva contains an adaptogenic herb called Rhodiola which stimulates the brain’s potential and enhances energy, concentration, and memory while creating a sense of calm and well-being. Rhodiola has been shown to help lower elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol, as well as increase serotonin production, helping us to feel happier.

These are just some of our favorite products to help us through the journey of the everyday stressors of life, to remain our happiest selves.

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