Wellness Favorites from Holistic Nutrition Consultant & Personal Trainer, Amy Halushka, of Vitality Westmount

Wellness Favorites from Holistic Nutrition Consultant & Personal Trainer, Amy Halushka, of Vitality Westmount

This time of year is full of holiday parties, delicious food with family, and the desire to stay in watching movies while buried in warm blankets and it can be very easy to let your fitness and balanced nutrition routine slide! Consistency and sticking with your routine 80% of the time is the key to a healthy and balanced body and life, so I definitely encourage you to enjoy this holiday season, but get back to routine as soon as you are able to.

I have a few favorite products that are always apart of my regiment, no matter what! These products help to ensure my digestive fire is always optimum, and that I am getting both the micro (minerals and vitamins) and macro (carbs, proteins, and fats) nutrients that my body needs to thrive both inside the gym and out. I always recommend eating whole foods as often as possible, so my supplements are simply tools to enhance and compliment my balanced diet.

My all-time favorite protein powder: Diesel Whey Protein Isolate, by Perfect Sports

Diesel is a super clean New Zealand whey protein powder made from the milk of cows that are grass-fed and pasture-raised, and is free of all artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors and is also lactose-free! There are 10 delicious flavors, I love French Vanilla because it easily blends with whatever else I want to put in my smoothie. Diesel has 7 grams of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) in each scoop to help prevent muscle loss and increase growth. Even if you aren’t lifting weights, protein is an essential part of the diet, the minimum Recommended Dietary Allowance for protein is 0.36 grams per pound of bodyweight for an adult, but this amount should be higher if you are a regular exerciser, I typically recommend 1 gram per pound of lean body weight.

My daily go-to for energy-boosting and stress support is: AOR Advanced B Complex

AOR Advanced B Complex is a time-released formula that allows excellent absorption by the body. Why do we need B Vitamins for a healthy balanced body? The family of B Vitamins is responsible for maintaining healthy cellular processes such as energy production, protection from stress “burn-out”, metabolism, detoxification, and support the brain and nervous system. They also support the growth and development of red blood cells, maintenance of healthy skin and muscle tone and optimal immune function and hormone activity. B vitamins are used up quickly by the body during periods of stress (remember exercise is technically a stressor) so the need for B Vitamins increases during stressful times, which definitely applies to us all in modern society! I recommend taking this first thing in the morning for an energy boost!

My digestive support must-haves: Prairie Naturals Betaine HCl with Peppermint and Prairie Naturals Enzyme Force Digestive Enzymes

Did you know that over the age of 30 the hydrochloric acid in your stomach naturally begins to decline? Do you suffer from heartburn and constantly pop anti-acids? This may actually be a sign you have too little stomach acid. Our esophageal sphincter can only close tightly when our stomach acid reaches a certain level if we have too little, it doesn’t get the signal to close and this is often felt as reflux as our stomach churns our food during digestion. The simple way to fix it? Betaine HCl. HCl is the precursor for our other digestive enzymes, sort of like a domino effect, if you don’t have enough HCl, you won’t have enough of the other necessary enzymes for digestion. HCl also helps to protect our digestive tract from harmful bacteria and promotes better mineral and nutrient absorption. If you take a capsule of Prairie Naturals Betaine HCl and do not feel a warming sensation within your stomach this is a simple test to confirm your acid levels are too low.

Prairie Naturals Enzyme Force Full spectrum plant digestive enzymes are the perfect pair with Betaine HCl, as they help us to better digest fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and fats and provide noticeable relief from gas, bloating, constipation and acid reflux. These products are both especially handy during the holiday season if you are eating foods that are richer than your body is used to, or perhaps if you are eating larger meals than normal to give your body assistance in digesting it all. Take them both about five minutes before eating your main meals.

I hope you will enjoy these products as much as I do! For any more information, visit us in-store or give us a call at (780) 453 – 1313.