Wild Rose Gentle D-TOX

Wild Rose Gentle D-TOX

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Product Description

The new Wild Rose Gentle D-TOX kit is a 12-day complete multi-system cleanse designed to support all aspects of metabolism. With a milder laxative effect than the classic Wild Rose Herbal D-TOX, this kit continues to place emphasis on supporting the function of the liver, the small intestine and the bowels to promote proper digestion and elimination of toxins and wastes.

The liver is involved in hundreds of bodily functions, two of the most important being digestion and the elimination of wastes. Our modern diet and lifestyle can overburden the liver, causing congestion and sluggishness, resulting in an accumulation of wastes in the body. The herbal formulas combined with the Simple Cleanse-Enhancing Diet included in this kit provide an easy and simple dietary outline to encourage continued health, clearing of a congested system or renewal following over-consumption

What's Next?

After finishing the Gentle D-TOX or Herbal D-TOX Program, we suggest that you follow it with the 15-day Wild Rose Liver D-TOX. Along with a healthy diet, the combination of these two kits used two or more times per year will provide your body with ongoing liver support and will enhance the elimination of wastes.

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