Our mission at Absorb Science is dedicated to providing innovative, functional and quality products. We do this with consistent scientific research and manufacturing practices to provide our discerning and loyal costumers with the very best.

Our focus is undeniably on formulation. Our products are synergistic combinations of ingredients that target specific needs. This maximizes the effectiveness of each individual herb used, in effect making the products greater than the sum of their parts.

All of our products are made up of standardized herbal extract which are inspected and tested for stability, potency and purity to ensure industry and Health Canada standards. Absorb Science Inc. meets and exceeds the Canadian Government Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines and all Health Canada and related regulatory requirements, guarantees safety without compromising quality.


Our approach to weight-loss supplements is combining naturally sourced ingredients to speed up your metabolism so that your body can naturally regulate and burn fat and get you to your goals safely and keep it off.

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Helping to maintain healthy skin is an important part of our daily lives and the secret to feeling youthful. Our product functions to keep you looking and feeling your very best.

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It’s important to have all the right supplements that take a natural approach to enhancing your sex life. At Absorb Science we take the approach of providing the very best natural ingredients to help you enjoy life to its fullest.

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Our focus is to provide a healthy, balanced lifestyle that includes promoting products that help to regulate healthy mental states and recovery so you can be at your best to handle the stresses life throws at you.

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Our line of mineral supplements help to replenish the building blocks to health. These inorganic compounds are naturally present on Earth, with many found in both soil and water. Minerals are required for our skeletal structure, including teeth.

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DHT is responsible for negative effects such as hair loss, balding and enlarged prostate. Utilizing a combination of nutrients for healthy hair growth and structure, coupled with power extracts that helps combat effects of DHT on the hair bulb.

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Essential fatty acids prove to impart a regulatory function on the body’s fatty-acid metabolism. At Absorb Science, we’ve created a line of products that utilize the use of essential fatty acids in promoting optimal health.

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It’s estimated that up to 80% of immune function originates within the intestines. Removal and excretion of toxins and accumulated putrefactive matter from the walls of the intestines are integral to the overall well-being.

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Free radicals are molecules produced by our bodies during normal metabolic processes. Free radical scavengers are natural compounds that neutralize free radicals in our bodies. Improve your bodies ability to fight infection by giving it the right tools.

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Reduce symptoms of inflammation, stop the pain and promote healing. With a comprehensive list of natural ingredients to help alleviate pain and inflammation. Safely support your body’s natural healing ability to regain function and enjoy life.

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