Supplements for Seniors: 5 Supplements Every Senior Should Consider Using

Taking supplements can be beneficial at any age. However, supplements for seniors can be exceptionally important. That’s because seniors often lack essential vitamins and nutrients, which can lead to deteriorated health. That said, supplements for seniors aren’t always necessary. Therefore, it’s important to consult your doctor or dietician before adding any vitamins or supplements to your diet.

Below are some of the best supplements for seniors. These supplements can help improve both physical and mental health.

What are supplements for seniors?

Supplements for seniors are products that are consumed to add essential nutrients to one’s diet. Some of the most common supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and probiotics.

Supplements are available in various forms, including pills, capsules, liquids, powders, etc.

Why Seniors Should Take Supplements

You might be wondering – should seniors take vitamins and supplements? The truth is that not all seniors need supplements. Diet and exercise are the best way to maintain good mental and physical health as a senior. However, for some seniors, getting proper nutrition and participating in regular exercise is difficult (or not possible at all). Thus, supplements may be necessary.

Here are some common reasons why supplements for seniors are necessary.

  • Loss of appetite (and, therefore, the ability to get essential nutrients from food).
  • Brittle bones.
  • Diminished ability to absorb essential nutrients from food. For example, due to disease, medications, etc.
  • Less consumption of vitamin-rich foods.
  • Minimal exposure to sunlight.


Supplements may be required if you, or a senior you know, are encountering any of the conditions above. Please consult your doctor or dietician to see which supplements, if any, are needed.

Now, let’s look at some of the best (and most common) supplements for seniors.

The 5 Best Supplements for Seniors

Looking for the best supplements for seniors? Below are some common supplements that can help improve both physical and mental health. These supplements are readily available at health food stores in Edmonton.

Please remember: always check with your physician before adding a new vitamin or supplement to your diet.

  1. Calcium Supplements for Seniors

Calcium is extremely important for seniors, as it helps keep bones strong. Calcium is found naturally in foods such as milk and dairy products, dark leafy greens, and canned fish. As well, foods like breakfast cereal may have added calcium.

For seniors who cannot consume their daily intake of calcium through food, many calcium supplements are also available.

  1. Vitamin D

Like calcium, vitamin D is essential for strong bones. It is also crucial for maintaining a healthy immune system. Vitamin D is found in some foods, including fatty fish and fortified milk and cereal products. However, the best source of vitamin D is the sun!

For individuals who can’t get enough vitamin D from foods or sunlight, vitamin D supplements for seniors are recommended.

Vitamin D supplements are also recommended for winter wellness. That’s because cold temperatures and a lack of sunlight can lead to diminished vitamin D levels during winter months.

  1. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B-12 is part of the group of B vitamins known as vitamin B-complex. It helps maintain healthy blood cells and nerves. Vitamin B-12 also supports your body in converting food into energy and is critical for a robust immune system. Thus, ensuring the proper intake of vitamin B-12 can help improve mood and boost energy levels.

Vitamin B-12 is found almost exclusively in animal products, such as poultry, meat, fish, eggs, and dairy. Therefore, vegans and vegetarians often find it challenging to consume B-12 naturally. In this case, B-12 supplements are recommended.

Unfortunately, B-12 is more difficult for seniors to absorb from food. Therefore, B-12 supplements for seniors are often needed.

  1. Vitamin B-6

Vitamin B-6 is required to form red blood cells. It is also essential for normal brain and nervous system functions and a healthy immune system. Vitamin B-6 is found naturally in foods such as poultry, fish, potatoes, bananas, fortified cereals, etc.

For seniors who cannot consume these foods or effectively absorb vitamin B-12, supplements may be necessary.

  1. Fibre

Fibre is essential for senior health, as it promotes healthy digestion and bowel regularity. Fibre also plays a vital role in heart health – making it one of the most noteworthy nutrients for seniors.

Fibre-rich foods include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts. Adding more of these foods to your diet can be helpful. However, in some cases, fibre supplements for seniors are also recommended.

Where to Buy Supplements for Seniors

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